Our history

Founded in 1999, it has almost 20 years of experience.

Founded in 1999 TRASTES E CONTRASTES was born from the desire of João Carlos, who had been working for over twenty years in an upholstery company, to own his own business geared, at the time, to the import and distribution of decorative fabrics.

Two years after founding the company and in response to requests from a lot of clients, the company began manufacturing upholstery and dedicated itself to this art since that time.

After a short period, the eyes were set on the internationalization of the company, taking a further ambitious, yet conscientious step, in response to the economic doldrums of the country and  of this sector in particular. Nowadays, 80% of the production is for export market.

A Portuguese handmade furniture is  the key for the success. Each piece it’s made with passion, glamour and precision.Each piece is unique. The fact that the client can customize all the models according to the project he has in hands, makes TRASTES E CONTRASTES, one of the most special companies in the world.

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A collection manufactured in Portugal is the key to success. Each piece is made with passion, glamor and precision. Each piece is unique. The fact that the customer can customize all models according to the project in hand, makes Trastes & Contrastes a unique and versatile company, differentiating itself in the market.

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